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Principles of Music Radio Formatting
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"The best music scheduling software, it delivers the most accurate and reliable song rotations and spin counts with the least amount of editing time. Plus it is the easiest to master."

Music 1 is the music scheduler of a new generation. It doesn't much resemble the others with their maze of complex functions. The look and feel is simple by design. The power is out of sight, under the hood.  M1 is a game changer.

Hand-Crafted Music Flow
Music radio professionals realize the importance of consistent song rotations within the categories and reliable spin counts. It's why music directors using other schedulers average between 45 and 75 minutes editing each day's log. What they're doing is fixing software scheduling errors and juggling algorithms in the form of formatting rules. It doesn't have to be that way. The Music 1 system changed the paradigm. M1 users get superior schedules and average less than 10 minutes a day at the task.

New Generation Scheduler
Music 1's interactive scheduling system is a simple but revolutionary idea: Don't even try to teach the computer how to select songs to "fix" problem slots.  Instead, M1 fills all of the easy slots and as it does it looks for any problem slots where choices need to be made to avoid format rule and flow conflicts. The music director decides what the editing choices should be during the scheduling run, rather than afterward. The computer doesn't "select" anything, the human does. This competitive edge delivers outstanding music flow.

Music 1 doesn't make scheduling mistakes. It never leaves unscheduled slots. It doesn't ever break formatting or music flow rules. See this short demo video.

You can learn most of what you need to know by watching a few short tutorials. Browse for more videos on this site and on the M1 Blog. Download the M1 installer of your choice (there are three versions) and get your library data imported into it. Play with it awhile and discover the professional and artistic satisfaction of hand-crafted music flow.

Contact Steve Warren at the M1 office  with your questions and support needs.

Get Music 1 and Schedule the Future.