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"The best kept secret in our business is that M1 is the best music scheduler in the business. I speak from authority having spent nearly 15 years working for RCS selling Selector."

M1 Blog
Quick links to download  upgrades, installers and documentation; new posts about the software.

Principles of Music Radio Formatting
A free report about the history and evolution of music radio formatting.


This is the best music scheduling software and radio content management tool because:

* It is far-and-away the easiest professional level music scheduling software to learn and master.

* It delivers the most consistent and reliable song rotations; never over-playing some songs, never "forgetting" to schedule others.

* Daily editing time is  cut in half compared to what M1 users were having to spend with their previous music scheduler.

* Music 1 has much more affordable pricing. It is a sensible, economical choice.

Music 1 works with every automation/playout system in the universe. 

Switching to M1 is easy, all of your library data can be imported from another scheduler or from your automation/playout system.

Browse the videos on this site and on the M1 Blog. You can learn most of what you need to know there. Download the M1 installer of your choice (there are three versions) and get your library data imported into it. Then start playing with it. Then you'll see what a gem of a tool it is. Contact Steve with all your questions and support needs.


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