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Principles of Music Radio Formatting
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This one is the best music scheduling software and radio content management tool.

Music 1 is the music scheduler of a new generation. It doesn't much resemble the other top schedulers with their maze of complex functions. M1's  look and feel is simple by design. The power is out of sight, under the hood.

M1 is a game changer. Old pro's who've used another one for decades and kids just starting Internet radio stations soon discover that this software delivers the most reliable music flow and song rotations ever seen. And does it in less than ten minutes a day.

Hand-Crafted Music Flow
I've been in the music radio programming business since the stone age. Consistent category rotations and reliable spins have always been of primary concern. Trying to get an algorithm to make proper decisions about song selections, rules priorities, violations and music flow seemed more than a little strange to me. A computer is a machine, not a co-music director. So, I created a scheduling software that lets you and me make editing choices personally, during the scheduling run. I call it: Interactive Scheduling.

New Generation Scheduler
 Music 1's interactive scheduling system is a simple but revolutionary idea: Don't try to teach the computer how to select songs to "fix" problem slots.  Instead, just have it find and show me the problems and I'll make the decisions about what to do.

Music 1 doesn't make scheduling mistakes. It never leaves unscheduled slots. It follows formatting and music flow rules to the T. See this short demo video.

Browse for more videos on this site and on the M1 Blog. You can learn most of what you need to know watching a few short tutorials. Download the M1 installer of your choice (there are three versions) and get your library data imported into it. Play with it awhile and discover the professional and artistic satisfaction of hand-crafted music flow.

Contact me with your questions and support needs. Get M1 and schedule the future.

Steve Warren
the main guy