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"M1 delivers the most reliable song rotations and spin counts."

Hand-Crafted Music Flow - The Curator's Dream Tool
Music 1 was introduced in 1994 as radio's first Windows-native music scheduler. The M1 blueprint draws directly from technology pioneered on the only pro scheduler ever created for the Mac OS. It was the first to put graphic format clocks on the screen, the first with the highly efficient inter-active scheduling and editing design that cuts editing work time

Fourth Generation Scheduler
Great music schedules always require some editing. M1 is designed for Interactive Scheduling and Editing. That means:  fix-it-as-you-build-it editing. Rule decisions and flow adjustments are made during the scheduling run, as the log is being constructed rather than afterward.  It is the only scheduling tool designed to operate in this highly efficient manner.

The Music 1 algorithm delivers uniform rotations and precise spins for every song in each category. M1 doesn't make scheduling mistakes,  doesn't violate formatting rules and never leaves unscheduled slots. demo video.

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Principles of Music Radio Formatting
A free report about the history and evolution of music radio formatting.

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