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A Scheduling Tool for the Professional Music Curator

The music flow is perfect. Every hour has the sound and feel of a hand-curated playlist. Yet it takes less than five minutes to schedule and edit each log.

Music 1 has a unique methodology and scheduling algorithm.  Daily log editing time is drastically reduced. Music 1 never violates a formatting rule nor leave unscheduled slots. Each and every song receives the planned number of spins. Category rotations conform precisely to your formatting plans.  The Music 1 learning curve is low. 

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Perfect Song Rotation And Spin Counts


The Most Accurate Song Spins and Rotations Out There

Does your current music scheduling software seem to "like" some songs and play them too much? Music 1 doesn't do that.  If a category is set for 35 spins a week, then every song in it will get 35 spins.  If another category is formatting for 70 spins a month, every song in the group gets 70 plays.

No More Song "Clustering"

Most schedulers have the persistent problem of clustering; that is songs tending to re-schedule near the same time of day repeatedly even as the music director's plan is for the songs to schedule in all day parts.  When a Music 1 category is designed so that each song  schedules and plays equally in mornings, middays, afternoons and evenings, Music 1 delivers just that. 



Cut Scheduling Hours By 91%

With other music scheduling software brands, it is common to spend an hour or more a day scheduling and editing each music log.  Music 1 Pro users get the job done in 5 minutes or less.... That's 5 minutes to a perfect music schedule without formatting errors or rule violations and without unscheduled slots.  Music 1 delivers perfect, precise spin counts and the most reliable song rotations.    

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Music 1 Is Ideal for Stations Large and Small

Music 1 was built by professionals for professionals.  It is a robust scheduling tool with innovative technology that fulfills all of the complex needs of modern radio operators.  Yet its basic functions are simple and intuitive. Radio novices launching LPFM, DAB and internet stations learn and master Music 1 quickly. The current release is the 7th generation of the software. It is being used globally by stations large and small.  

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Music 1 Schedules Everything

In addition to delivering perfect song rotations and music flow, Music 1 also schedules Liners, Voice Tracks, Promos, Jingles, Spot Breaks, Short- and Long-form programs and Syndicated shows.


Works with All Radio Automation Systems

From AudioVault and Avra to Zeta, Zara and Zenon, Music 1 works with all of the radio world's digital automation and playout systems.  Each one of them needs a playlist file that conforms to its own special needs. Music 1 has custom-built and system-specific playlist/log file outputs for the one you are using now.  And, for any new one your station might acquire in the future.

Adjusting flaws on the fly faster than any competition

Music 1 is the quickest music scheduling software with its alt-algorithm for hybrid, inter-active music schedule editing.  Most Radio music directors spend an hour hand-editing each daily schedule.  Music 1 users finish the task in about five minutes.  And the great bonus is: Music 1 does it without violating any of your formatting and music flow rules.


Lets Get Some Details

Music 1 Pro is feature rich and ready to smoothly run all of the needs of the professional broadcasters, digital and internet radio. It delivers system-specific playlist files for all of radio's automation/playout systems for smooth interface.  Music 1 SE is the Special Edition for Internet-only stations.

Music 1 Pro is a subscription-licensed software. Monthly fee includes superior personal support, upgrades as they are released and related services. Music 1 SE is a buy-out


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