Music 1 LE

Music 1 SE


Maximum of 10


If there are program-specific clocks that need to be used, they can be clicked into the proper hour slot just before scheduling the new day.



Library Size

No Limit

Hybrid Scheduling

Not available

Advertising Schedule Importing



Traffic & Billing Module

Not included.

Sound Codes are not necessarily the same thing as Genre, though they can be if you so choose. Sound Codes are generally applied to songs that are a minority of the total library, only to those types that might need some special controls; such as novelty songs or very long songs.

Built-In Auditioning Player Extension


Dayparting/Hour Restrictions

Not available

Daily Voice Tracks

Can schedule slots for Daily VT positions, but customization is limited. There are work-around functions for this in some playout systems.

Linked Tracks

Not Available

Automation Interface

Music 1 SE makes proper playlist file-types for the most widely used playout systems in internet radio.

Defined "Announcers"

Not Available

Theme Programming

Not Available

Specific Track Scheduling

Not Available

Gender/Tempo/Sound Code Flow Controls

With these characteristics, songs may be prevented from scheduling back to back, or may be allowed to schedule no more than X-number in a row. You may limit the number of songs with each characteristic to be allowed in an hour. For example, you may allow no more than 5 Slow songs in an hour. You might allow 3 Fast songs to play in a row, but no more than than that. You may prevent a song with “this” sound code from scheduling next to a song with “that” sound code.

Non-music Transitions

Not Available

Percentage Rotation of Non-music Tracks

Not Available

Product/Class Characteristic for Non-music Tracks

Not Available

Start/End Dates for Non-music Items

Not Available