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The Perfect Internet Radio Scheduler

Music 1 SE (Special Edition) puts the power of a professional radio music scheduler into the hands of internet and digital radio operators. A successful radio station is one that maintains a consistent music selection, song sequence and flow. The rotation, repeat and frequency of the songs in the station's library is pre-planned with Music 1 SE's formatting clocks and rules. With Music 1 SE, every hour of the broadcast day can have sound and feel of a hand-curated playlist.


Works With All Of The Top Automation/Playout Systems

PlayoutONE, SAM Broadcaster, StationPlaylist, RadioDJ, Jazler, Ots, mAirList, Proppfrexx and others.

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Categories / Rotation Groups

The station's song library is grouped into rotation groups named Categories that may contain any number of songs. The Song Cards include characteristics such as Tempo, Gender and user-named Sound Codes which Music 1 SE uses to ensure proper song-to-song music selection.

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Format Clocks

Categories are added for Format Clocks in the desired order.  Categories for Non-music items like Voice Tracks and Station IDs are added and positioned in the proper positions. Clock rules are added to control music flow. You may limit the number of Fast songs in the hour; you may prevent scheduling two Slow songs in a row.


Running Your Internet Station Doesn't Need To Be Expensive

At last, a professional music scheduler at an affordable, buy-out price.   Every hour of the broadcast day will have the sound and feel of a hand curated playlist.  With SE, you have most of the professional tools of Music 1 Pro, without ongoing subscription payments. 


Music 1 SE is a buy-out Software at $249.  You also have the option of four monthly installments of $65.


Music 1 SE is a scheduling tool that works with all of the most widely used automation and playout systems in the internet radio universe.   Music 1 SE delivers the specific type of daily and/or hourly playlist files required by the automation system you use.


How Easy Is It?

With the step-by-step tutorial YouTube videos guiding you, the basic functions of Music 1 SE are easy to understand, learn and master. As you begin to work with it and become accustomed to the simple interactions and relationships of the Song Categories, the Format Clocks that you build and the music flow rules that you apply, you'll create playlists that sound hand-curated every hour of the day.


1. Import Your Song Library Meta-Data

This sounds tricky.  It's not.  Check out the video below.

2. Familiarize Yourself With Music 1 SE

No big deal here.  Watch some videos and see how the product works.  You'll be up and running in no time.  Check our our entire introduction playlist below.

3. Schedule Great Playlists

Music 1 SE's inter-active scheduling algorithm is unique among software of this type. It is designed to allow a music curator to make quick, sensible human edits during a scheduling run. Typically, Music 1 SE users may need to make only few editing choices and each schedule is completed in less than five minutes. Many stations with larger libraries or fewer formatting rules get error-free schedules automatically, without any needed edits. 

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