Artist Separation From Previous Day

I got a song by Madonna scheduled just after 7am on Tuesday, then on Wednesday another (different) Madonna song scheduled about 7:20.  How do I prevent that from happening? On the Cock Rules screen you will see the box Artist Previous/Next day. Here you can enter a time for such separation. Be very careful with this rule, it can accidentally be set too "wide"  and you'll get a lot of stops during scheduling as Music 1 observes this rule.

At present, the maximum allowable time is 30 minutes. We put the limit on because we saw a lot of Music 1 users setting it for very wide, near impossible separation time. With a two or three hour setting Music 1 just about couldn't schedule anything. We will soon open that up again to allow a larger time to be set....but we advise not setting it very large because it has the potential to cause a lot of "stops" during scheduling.

Keep in mind, the rule opens a "window" that is twice the size of the time you enter.  So, if you enter 30 minutes, that means no song by the same artist can be scheduled the next day from thirty minutes before today's time until thirty minutes later.  So, if a Madonna song schedules Monday at 7:15am, then the rule prevents another Madonna song from scheduling on Tuesday between 6:45am and 7:45am.

And actually, it will be a bit later than 7:45 because Music 1 looks at the 'end time".  If the Madonna song scheduled Monday at 7:15 is 4 minutes long, then any Madonna song will be ruled out on Tuesday until after 7:49.

The rule is clock-specific, so after you set it on one clock, open the Rule menu again and select:  Copy To Other Clocks, select all the clocks and click the OK button.

Artist Previous-Next Day Rule

Artist Previous-Next Day Rule

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