Can I run Music 1 from different computers on our station network?

Yes. Here's how to set it up.  First you must place the (station).m1 library file into some folder OTHER THAN the Music 1 folder where the library normally resides. On your server, I suggest creating a folder named  Music 1 Data put your station.m1 file into that folder and put your Logs sub-folder, too.

Install Music 1 itself on each of the desktops.  Start Music 1 on one of the desktops and at the opening "select a database" screen, click the Network button and negotiate to the server, to the Music 1 data folder, and from there select and open your station.m1 library file.  This let's Music 1 make its required Dailybak folder within that one.  Then quit Music 1 .  Next, start it again and this time at the "select a database" screen, open the Options menu and select "multi-user mode" Then click the Network button and negotiate to the Music 1 data folder on the servers and open the library file.

From this point on, when you start Music 1 on this machine, it will always look to the server to find and open the database.   Now, go to the other desktop/workstation and start Music 1 there.  At the opening screen, open the Options menu, select multi-user mode, then click the Network button and negotiate to the station.m1 file and open it from this machine.  It will now be set so that whenever you launch Music 1 from either computer, they'll be looking to the Music 1 data folder on the server.

One thing to remember:  Only ONE computer can have read/write control of Music 1 at a time.  If your music director is working with Music 1 , you won't be able to open the database and make any adjustments.  As soon as she closes out, you can start Music 1 on your machine, then you will have read/write control.

steveInstallation, 1st