A Question About Shuffling and Separating Artists

How does it affect the rotations and scheduling of a category when I give it the shuffle and separate artists command? Will all the songs in the category still play as they are supposed to?

...yes. Music 1 is set to play every single song in a category before it repeats any single song. now...after a shuffle, the next 'pass' thru the category will be a little weird because it's like a deck of cards. if you just got the Queen of Hearts in a and...then you throw down, all the cards in the stack are shuffled and then dealt again, there is the odd-chance that you could get the Queen of Hearts in the very next hand. but...then after a shuffle, while you may get some songs coming up again much 'earlier' than they normally would have, had you not shuffled....after Music 1 has then made a full pass thru the category (scheduled every song), it will settle down to normal. for this reason, i always do my shuffling just before scheduling Saturday since weekend listening patterns are so different from weekday patterns.

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