View Only and the .ML File

A View-Only copy of a Music 1 library file is created each time one works with Music 1 in Multi-User mode. The Multi-user function means the station’s .m1 library file is being kept somewhere OTHER than the c:\music 1 location where it is kept when all Music 1 work is conducted from just one computer. If you’re going to work with Music 1 from two different computers, then the “(station).m1” library/database file will be kept on a server or one of the cloud storage services such as Dropbox, OneDrive or Google drive. In such case, Music 1 should be set into multi-user mode. You can search “multi-user” on the blog to learn more.

When working in multi-user mode, whenever you start Music 1, it copies the station database to the local c-drive so it can work quickly, without having to send, receive, exchange data across a slower, sometimes inconsistent network connection.  In multi-user, Music 1 copies the station database to the C and  leaves a View-Only copy of the file in the server or cloud folder.  It changes the extension on that copy from .m1  to  .ML   This file is created, deleted and re-created each time you work with Music 1 in Multi-User mode.

The working-copy of the station.m1 library file is placed in the c\music 1 folder and will always be named:  LocalCopyTemp.m1
When you finish your workf and close Music 1, the LocalCopyTemp.m1 is moved back to the network drive or cloud folder and returns the Station Name to it.  The View-Only.ML file is then deleted.

It is possible to get seemingly ‘stuck’ with a View Only database. Here is how it can happen and how to correct it using the example of a station named: BlissRadio

When Music 1 is started, it copies BlissRadio.m1 to the c:\music 1 folder. There the file is named: LocalCopyTemp.m1. This is then the currently working copy of the BlissRadio.m1 file. In the external drive or cloud folder, Music 1 leaves a clone named “Bliss Radio.ML” This is a View-Only copy, it can be opened and viewed, but no alterations or scheduling may be done within it. When you then quit Music 1, it moves the LocalCopyTemp.m1 back to the remote folder. he Bliss Radio.ML copy is deleted and LocalCopyTemp is given it ‘real’ name: Bliss Radio.m1

A problem can develop if Music 1 has the station library running and, before it is closed, the network connection is broken and, upon closing Music 1 is unable to move the updated library back to the remote loication. Or if the library file is stored in a cloud service and one quits Music 1 and then closes the laptop or shuts down the computer before the update has been fully copied back to the cloud service.

If you find yourself stuck with a View Only copy of your station library file here is what to do:

1: Look into the c:\music 1 folder.  If you see there is a LocalCopyTemp.m1, then cut it and paste it into the correct remote folder.  Then delete the (station).ML fille and rename the LocalCopyTemp back to the correct: “Station Name”.m1. Do not leave the LocalCopyTemp.m1 in the Music 1 folder on the C drive.

2: If you find no LocalCopyTemp.m1 in your local Music 1 folder on the c-drive, then just rename the ViewOnly file.  Go to that remote folder and change the extension from  .ML  to .m1