Importing/Exporting Library Data

Importing/Exporting 101

There are a lot of different ways to get your library information into Music 1.  It can import from text files of most common types, from mp3 tag meta-data, and from the databases of some automation systems (PlayoutONE, Simian, WideOrbit, AudioVault, etc.)

Types of text files Music 1 will import.

How to import library data from WideOrbit into Music 1.

How to export part or all of a WideOrbit library for import into M1.

How to import Simian meta-data directly into Music 1.

Flex used a database platform that Music 1 does not read directly. To exchange data about newly added audio, it has a tool that exports the data to a file that Music 1 can read.

This video was made for a Music 1 LE user in Indonesia. The .idf script used to import A/V data is available from the Music 1 office on request.

Importing TabDelimited Files

Fixed width file importing.

Before you begin to import mp3 data into a Music 1 library, it is very important that the mp3 tags (meta-data) be correct. Each audio file should have the Title and the Artist entered into the tag fields.

Exporting Library Data from MediaMonkey

Mechanics - Importing - MediaMonkey - Dealing With Duplicate Songs

Importing Data From MP3TAG

Tag Editing With Windows

PlayoutONE - Importing Library Data Into Music 1

Automation - WideOrbit - Exporting Meta-Data for Import into M1

Automation - WideOrbit - Importing Library Into Music 1

Automation - Importing From the Simian Database

Automation - AudioVault Flex- Export Data For Import Into Music 1

Importing - Importing Drive/Path/File Into the FILE Field

Importing - Tag Editing With ProppFrexx