What are the software links you have on this site?

Mp3Direct Cut is a quick mp3 audio editor.  You know how when you rip a CD into the computer it always seems to have 2 or 3 seconds of "dead" space at the end?  It makes for loose, sloppy song-to-song segues.  DirectCut lets you chop off the dead space and it is super-quick, much quicker than doing it with CoolEdit, Audition or one of the other audio recording softwares. MediaMonkey and Mp3Tag are both tag editing software. Either of these are highly recommended for webcasters using SE or Version 6.  I've seen there's a great inconsistency in the way mp3's are tagged.  Some have both the artist and the title in the Artist field.  Some have the Artist and Title data reversed. Some don't have any tags at all.  It is very important to have just the correct artist name in the Artist field and just the correct title in the Title field before exporting the data to a .csv (comma separated) text file for import into Music 1 .

With either  Mp3Tag and MediaMonkey, you tell the software to scan your audio folders.  It then brings up a kind of a spreadsheet display with each of the tag field data showing in nice neat columns.  When you see one that needs fixing, you click into the field and type the correction.  The software then writes it back to the audio tag.

Both of these can export a .csv file that Music 1 can easily import.  Oh, and they work with other audio formats too. .ra, .wma, .ogg, .wav, etc.