Converting Tracks to the Other Card Type

When Music 1 imports, a few things happen. First it checks to see if there is other card in the library with the same Cart data. If so, it doesn't make a new card for that number, but will update data on the card. For example, if the Card in Music 1 does not have an album title, but the data file being imported has the same song (title + artist + cart data) then Music 1 will update the card and add the album title. other fields that might be updated are genre and BPM. When importing NEW data and making a card for does some parsing. any audio file that is 60 seconds or less will be imported onto a Non-Music card. any audio file that has nothing in the Artist field in the meta-data will be imported onto a Non-Music card no matter how long it may be. Anything that gets imported onto the wrong type of card can be "converted" to be a card of the proper type. to do that, you select the song card then open the menu Track>Convert