How Frequently Should My Hot Rotation Songs Be Scheduled?

there are many ways, many styles for putting it together.first thing is to visualize how frequently you want the songs in each category to be scheduled in the day, week, month. do not think that being "scheduled" is the same as being "heard". it is not. A Hot Pop Music rotation, Power Currents might be scheduled for 7 plays a day for a month, getting scheduled 210 times over the thirty days. During that month, how many times would you expect your most loyal listener(s) to hear it?

In broadcast radio with the type of ratings we have, we may see that our PlayoutONE (Primary/heaviest) listeners spend 10 to 12 hours a week listening to our station. So, if we set our Power Current rotation for a repeat sequence of every three hours and 20 minutes, then we can surmise that our most loyal listeners will hear each of our Hots about three times a week. That's an average target I've aimed for over the many years.

You can build a turnover/repeat rotation structure to deliver a 3 hour and some minutes more turnover with nine, ten, eleven, twelve or thirteen songs in your Hot Current rotation.

The other factor in the equation is the number of times you use the Hot Current category in your format clocks. Four Hots an hour with 13 songs in the Hots Category will produce a 3:10 (three hour/ten minute) repeat pattern. Four Hots an hour with 11 songs in the category will deliver a 3:20 (three hour/twenty minute) repeat pattern.

Develop a general plan about how you want it to be, how frequently you want songs in each of your categories to come up for repeat scheduling. Build your clocks, put the clocks onto the DayFormat/Hour Clock Lineup. If you're using the Professional Edition, click the default DayFormat into each of the seven days of the week. Then you can go to your categories, look at the Average Turnover projection on each of them and do what needs to be done to adjust the formatting structure to produce your desired patterns.