Can Music 1 set parameters with albums? can, but the import from Live365 locker does not give us the Album should, been that way from the beginning. don't know why Live365 didn't give it to my programmer...i'll talk with him tomorrow about it...and we'll have to get with the Live365 tech guys, i'm sure, to get it updated........for the moment, you could use a tag editor like MediaMonkey to export a .csv file...that would include the album names (if you have them on your master .mp3's) then you can get Music 1 to "import from .csv"  and tell it to Overwrite FILE  only....(do not overwrite CART) this will update all the files and put the album title into the field on the Music 1 cards. the DMCA rules that are built into Music 1 do observe album separation.....but you still should check the Live365 playlists window anyway because their algorithm considers all playlists to be "looped".   i regularly get a couple of songs by an artist in the Midnight and 1am hour and a couple by the same artist in the 10 and 11pm hour...and it gets flagged to be delisted by Live365 because if that playlist were to be looped (which it ain't gonna be) then it would be in violation of the ignorant, gawd-awful DMCA picayune BS rule.