Auto-Number Tracks creating an AutoNumber Category & Card for the show in Music 1. On the Auto-Number Card, you'd tell Music 1 how to add the drive\path\filename to the shows.

when you get the new songs, drop all of them into the same folder and have the name/date of the files set to be exactly like you have it in Music 1. suggestion is to name the two daily files this way: RWmmddyy1.mp3 RWmmddyy2.mp3

so the two shows for Feb 21, 2015 will be named RW0221151.mp3 RW0221152.mp3

on your computer, created a folder under your main music/audio drive named Rewind each month, drop all the new shows into the folder and name them for the data of run

I have a folder on my D drive named Library I would pout the Rewind folder into it.

this would make the path: d:\Library\Rewind

Auto-Number Daily Shows

Auto-Number Daily Shows

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