It seems that Music 1 no longer remembers the default location for my library/database file. Is this possible?

"I don’t keep the library file in the same directory as the program, so I have to re-find it every day."....if you run Music 1 on a single stand-alone machine, your library file (station.m1)  will be kept in the Music 1 folder on the C-drive.  But if you want to access Music 1 and work with it from different workstations on a network, you have to put your StationLibrary.m1 file and your Logs sub-folder in some other folder on the network.  Then you put your workstation Music 1 installations into "Multi-User Mode", which tells each one where to look to find your station library file.

To do that, you start Music 1 and at the opening "select a database" window, you open the Options menu. Then click the Network button and negotiate thru your network to the folder where the library file is and open it.  After that, Music 1 will always look to that place (instead of the c-drive) when you start it up.

Additional info:  When you FIRST put your library into an external folder (outside the C-drive), you have to open the library one time without it being in Multi-user mode.  This, because, Music 1 has to create a backup folder in that external folder and it can't do that in Multi-User mode.  So, you start Music 1 and on the first screen, you click the Network button and negotiate to that drive and open the library.  Then you quit Music 1 and re-start it, this time going to Options and selection Multi-User mode before again clicking the network button and again opening your library file.  You only have to do this one time, and only from one machine.  The other computers can then be put into Multi-user mode immediately.

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