Stuck In View-Only Mode

what has happened is, the "real" Dinradio.m1 libraryfile was not re-writted back to the network drive.

if you look closely when you first start Music 1, at the opening window just before you open the databse, the extension is :   .ml   instead of  .m1 that is the read-only copy of the database.

when you start Music 1 in multi-user, it makes that read-only file and brings a 'clone' onto the c drive and into the Music 1 folder there.  this worker is named:  ReadOnlyTemp.m1 when you finish work and quit Music 1, it moves the ReadOnlyTemp.m1 back to the network drive and over-writes the file .ml file, replacing it with the updated DINradio.m1

first, look into the c:\music 1 folder and see if you find a ReadOnlyTemp.m1

if you do, CUT it, then PASTE it into the folder on your network drive where your Music 1 library/database file is kept.  In that folder, you will also find the  file.  Delete the .ml file, then rename the ReadOnlyTemp.m1 file to:  DINRadio.m1