How do i enter a song into two different categories?

A song card can't be in two regular music categories at same time....not one that has exactly the same Title and Artist and Cart number. a "Selection" category may be the thing to do.  (selection categories are only available in Version 5 and later) that allows you to "copy" a song into the selection category and then it can be in two..and will have two separate rotations.Selection categories are usually used for special or 'theme' programming.  Like an Oldies station may want to run an All Elvis hour on Saturday....all the Elvis songs are in various 50s and 60s categories that are used on regular clocks during the week.   They make a Selection categoryfor Elvis...copy the song cards into it.  Then they make a special clock for the Saturday hour and only add the Selection/Elvis category to it.   so now 'Hound Dog" will schedule thru the week in the 50's category.  and it will be scheduled from that one in the Saturday special hour.

Now, if you want the song to be in two regular categories, the only way to do it is to clone the actual audio it'll have a different Cart/Automation number. then enter the Title with some change to make it 'different' from the other one.  using the Elvis might have Hound Dog by Elvis and on the other card Hound Dog 2  by Elvis

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