Paradigm Shift - The Music 1 Way

Switching to Music 1 from any other music scheduler requires a bit of a mental shift, as well. Music 1 is designed for "interactive" scheduling and editing. That means music log edits are made during the scheduling run. First generation schedulers are all designed for retro-active scheduling and editing. They run the entire day, scheduling every slot. They flag the slots where songs had to be scheduled in violation of one of your formatting rules. Or, they leave such slots empty. After the scheduling run, the music director then spends an hour editing the schedule. When Music 1 is the software, the task takes ten minutes or less. Music 1 is so quick and nimble because there was never a line of DOS in it. Music 1 is the off-spring of Steve Warren's first scheduler, the one he created for the Mac. That was a technological marvel for it's time but a commercial failure (radio didn't buy Mac's). The Mac ideas, the successful game-plan was cloned and re-written for Windows. Here's how it works:

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