In the first few months of this year, I've heard from three different stations that they've been hit with one of the 'ransom' viruses. Those things find all the data files on the computer, then zip and encrypt them. The computer and software on it aren't affected, they remain functional. But when any document, file, spreadsheet or database, a message pops up demanding money for the password that will (may) unlock the files.  The ONLY way to resolve this is to send the money and hope the criminals will give you the actual password.  Or, to move backup files onto the computer and delete the newly encrypted ones. As if this wasn't painful enough, some of these ransom viruses will also search and lock all the files that are on any attached drives. They can get into a company's network drives where the backup files are located and encrypt those, too.  Very, very bad news.

Music 1 has two built-in backup systems.  One keeps backups on the local drive, in the Dailybak folder that is located in the same folder where your station library is kept.  The other zips your library into a small file that can be moved off the computer to a flash drive or other external source.

There are several posts on this blog about the Music 1 backup systems. In the Search field on this page, type the word: Report  and you'll find them.