How Can I Get Some Songs in a Category to Schedule More Than Others?

Short answer: with a simple trick. First, Music 1 was designed so that all songs within each category get the same amount of play. If you want 45 spins a week on your Hot Hits, Music 1 delivers 45 for every song in the category. The trick is: You could "packet" single songs. Music 1 doesn't allow duplicates of song cards (same artist/same title) so you can't add a song twice to a category. But, you could create a "category" with only that song in it and then add that single-song category back into the master category as a packet. If you add the packet twice, then that song would receive twice the number of spins as the others in the category.

Getting Fewer Spins With Hour Restrictions In the Pro edition, if you hour-restrict some songs, they will naturally get less play.

Example: -Hot Hits rotation has been set for 45 spins per week. -One song in Hot Hits is restricted for no-play between 6a and noon so that song will get about 35 spins each week because it is not allowed to schedule in 1/4 of the hours of the the broadcast days.

Primary Way To Use Packets: If you want some songs to get less play, with the Pro edition you can create "packets" and then put the packets into the master category. Example: -Rock station is playing 35 songs by the Stones in category: Power Classics -Music director decides 20 of the songs should get less play than the 15 Big Ones. -Music director creates a category named "Stones Pak" and puts 20 songs into it -Music director then adds the Stones Pak into the Power Classics category as a packet -the songs within "Stones Pak" will then get 1/20th the amount of airplay as the 15 big ones. -Music director may decide that is too few spins, so he add the Stones Pak five times, then he is scheduling 20 by the Stones within his Power Classics; 15 Big Ones and 5 from within the packet. Al

This is a simple and straight-forward way to do it and it is the only way to maintain control and consistency of song spins and reliable placement of all songs through the dayparts.