PlayoutONE Categories Don't Import

Know This: while the critical meta-data fields in your PlayoutONE database will immediately import into Music 1, the 'categories' that you have created in PlayoutONE, will not transfer into Music 1.

All of the songs that import into Music 1 are placed first in our (new songs) list. You then create Music 1 categories and drag the selected songs into the them.

So, if you now have a category in PlayoutONE that you've named: 90's Gold you might also create a category within Music 1 and name it: 90's Gold Or, the PlayoutONE categories and the Music 1 categories may have entirely different names. When using Music 1, there is no requirement that the song records in PlayoutONE be in any particular PlayoutONE category.

Category moves within one database; either PlayoutONE's or Music 1's, will not be reflected within the other's. Changes to some fields, such as Title and Artist, in one application's database will be reflected in the database of the other one.

stevePlayoutONE, 10th