Scheduling - Stops for the Slow Rules

>> > Now schedules are running fine, only cat’s HITS and 10’s causes stops and show only slow song in the choices while > i need mostly mediums at that point, but i will find out :)

When you begin to see a lot of editing stops with the songs in the selections list all have the same violation, it is almost always a matter of math. example: if a library is 35% slow songs and if the music director then sets clock rules to allow only 4 Slow songs an hour, then there will be immediate problems. If he is scheduling 14 songs per hour, 35% is 5 songs an hour. So there is then no place to put the many, many songs.

Fundamental in Music 1: every song in each category is to get the same number of spins. this means that after a song gets scheduled, it cannot be scheduled again until every other song in the category has also been scheduled. the Slows back-up because there is no place to schedule them.