I've a problem importing non-music tracks.

I can import music fine, I'm having a problem importing liners/sweepers. My initial batch of liners/sweepers went in, I don't know what I'm doing wrong now. You're using Music 1's built in "import from csv) function.

New stuff comes into either the (new songs)  or the (new tracks) system categories. anything that is less than 60 seconds in length, and anything that has no data in the Artist field on the mp3 tag will be imported as non-music.

if you get something in onto the wrong type of card, you can 'convert' it to the other type, by clicking to select the name of the thing, then opening the Tracks menu, selecting Convert and then selecting a category to move it into.

if you are re-importing and nothing is coming in....it is perhaps because Music 1 already has a Card with that Title (and/or Artist) on it. Music 1 won't create a new Card if there's already a card in it with that title and artist (music) or that Title (non-music). if you deleted something with that title and it doesn't import the new thing with that title...maybe you didn't do the final delete from the (deleted tracks) or (deleted songs) categories. these work like the Windows recycle bin....something deleted is fully deleted until you clear them out of (deleted) categories. also, when you import from the built-in .csv importer, Music 1 makes a new .csv file with the name (not-imported).csv. you can open that with notepad or import it into Excel or some other spread-sheet app and it'll show you a list of things not imported and why.