Can I import my Simian database directly into Music 1?

Yes you can and there's a video below showing how. But, and this is a big BUT: I usually caution against it, and here's why: The Simian automation system is built with a Microsoft Access database.  So is the Audio Vault system and probably several others.  Music 1 itself uses the Access database.  You can get Music 1 to read and import just about any Access database. The thing is, the automation system databases contain a whole bunch of data you don't need in Music 1 .  All the sounders, background music beds and all the commercials, too.   Music 1 can't parse (or separate) the data to import only what you need in Music 1 (the songs, liners, promos, jingles, etc.)  So if you import from Access, you'll probably get thousands of cards in Music 1 that you don't need.  Yes, you can then delete maybe that will be the way you want to go.

If you do want to import from the Simian or Audio Vault data, what I suggest is that you 'clone' their Access file.  In Simian it's the file named Audio.mdb.  In Audio Vault it is the file named AVair.mdb.   So, make a clone, then open the Clone in Access itself.  Sort the data and DELETE everything that you don't want or need in Music 1 .  Then do the import.