After I’ve completed a new log, what is the best way to make some log edits? I want to change the order of some songs, avoiding having songs I think are too similar too close. Should I deselect some titles then re-add them to a clock in a different hour?

Okay, you day is fully scheduled, now you want to make some final 'tweaks" and adjustments. You want same songs that are scheduled to play on this day and in or very near the same hour, you just want to change order and positioning on your clocks and maybe move a few to a different.The best way is to simply drag songs from one position to another.  Point at a title, press and hold, drag it over and on top of another title.  Another way is to drag songs to trash/recycle bin. The songs you move there will stay in the recycle bin until you take them out of the bin and drop them back onto a clock, or until you quit and save the log.   Now, with songs in recycle, you can click on recycle bin again and it will show you the songs that are contained there.   You can click on one of the songs and then click OK and the song will be added to end of the clock you are looking at. So, if you are looking at 6am and you want to move 3 songs to 7am and 3 songs from 7am back to 6am. You can drag 3 songs from 6am to recycle/trash, then go to 7am hour and drag 3 songs to bin. Now, click to open recycle bin, you see 6 songs. Click on any and add them to the clock you are viewing, then drag songs around clock to proper position. In this way, you are not changing card stack for your categories.  Remember, if you click on a category on a clock, you’ll see the top of the card stack for that category at the bottom of the screen, in the search depth. It is normally not a good idea to select one of those songs at this point because now that all the category slots for this day are filled, your Categories are all in position for tomorrow’s scheduling to begin. If you select one of those songs, or if you Search/Find another title, anything you you see or find would not normally have been played on this day or near this hour.  You will be lifting a song out of  its normal rotation pattern. If you move songs that are already scheduled to different positions, you are still getting songs in very near same hour/slot where they should be played (according to your rotation plan for the category).

Yes, you could deselect a song that is already schedule. That puts put the song back into search depth where it will be scheduled immediately when you begin a new log.  But this is really only valuable with categories which have very low rotations; those in which the songs will be repeated only every three or more days. With tight/high frequency rotation categories, deselecting is not a good idea