How can I make a backup?

There is only one file which you need to backup. That is your (station).m1 file.  It contains everything; all your songs, clocks, rules, non-music items. Music 1 automatically makes an on-board backup of the library file the first time you start it each day.  The backup files are kept in the “Dailybak” sub-directory.  These backups, however, are on the same drive as Music 1.  So, if your C-drive should ever go down, you lose those backups.

You must backup your .m1 library filel at least once each week. The easiest thing to do is to simply copy your (station).m1 file to another drive or burn it to a disc.

If you do a backup each week, you will never have a computer disaster with Music 1. Should your computer blow up, you can quickly install Music 1 on a different machine, move you .m1 file into the Music 1 folder on the new machine and  be back up and running in a flash.