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Full Pro / SE Setup Start To Finish

Here are the initial steps to know and follow to get Music 1 up and running. These videos were made using Music 1 SE, our special edition for internet radio, but the set up for Pro is the same setup.  SE is just the scaled-down little brother to the Music 1 Professional edition. The look-and-feel, screens and functions are much the same in both editions. The professional edition is much more robust with its extended functionality. There are other videos on this site demonstrating the advanced functions of Pro.

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Track Plays Report

Music 1 allows you to custom-design reports that include the fields of your choice; any field that you see on a song card can be included in a report.  Those reports can then be printed to paper, to a file or exported as data that can be imported into other applications.

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Allow Repeat Play After x-% of Tracks Have Played

This category rule doesn't do what you think it does. It doesn't improve song rotations nor efficiency. We created it as a balm for two specific scenarios. First, it prevents songs from scheduling again much too soon after a category shuffle. Second, it helps ensure that songs you might manually search-and-schedule won't be scheduled by M1 close to that manually scheduled one.

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Reconcile - Why I Don't

A reconcile removes from play history any song that Music 1 scheduled but that then didn't actually get played. M1 has a reconcile function for some, not all of the world's radio automation system. But I don't think it's worth the trouble of doing.

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Automatic Shutdown

Music 1 should not be left running. There is an automatic shut-down function in System Settings that should be enabled. If you are not working with it, close it out. Have our auto-shutdown enabled, as well. The reasons for this are twofold. First, M1 makes a backup of your library database each day. If it is left running for many days and then find yourself in need of a restore back a day or two, there won't be one and you'll have to restore back to an even earlier time than you'd prefer. Second and most importantly, if Music 1 is not properly closed, it will ask for a re-activation code the next time you go to load it. The last thing M1 does when you close it is to set an internal flag saying "this is a licensed database." If M1 is running and Windows does a re-start, it will not properly close M1 before it does, the internal flag won't be set and you'll be asked for re-activation the next time you start it. This can also happen if M1 is running and the computer loses power.

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