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Why Music 1 Pro

Today’s products for radio programmers are expensive, time intensive, and skill intensive.... Not because they need to be, but because that’s how they were built.

Music 1 is a completely unique methodology for radio programming.  Gone are the day's of spending hours a week dealing with rule violations, un-selected slots and unreliable rotations.  Gone are exorbitantly expensive prices and ridiculous learning curves for products that's stability is only reflected in mastery of the software.  Music 1 on the other hand, is a workhorse from day one.  You may not know all the bells and whistle, but it's going to pull hard.

Completely dependable, easy to learn, affordable to anyone, and most importantly, achieves these claims without ANY loss in capability.   

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Cut Programming hours by 91%

With our competitors software, It's common to spend an hour or more a day scheduling and editing each music log.  Music 1 Pro users get the job done in 5 minutes or less.... That's 5 minutes to a perfect music schedule without formatting errors or rule violations.  Did we mention perfect spin count and song rotations? With Music 1 you have the most accurate spin counts in the business.   



Scheduling Time In Minutes

On average Music 1 users schedule and edit daily logs in five minutes flat


Station Size Does Not Matter

When we say Music 1 was built for pros, we stand by it.  Music 1 has actually been around for a while now and the kinks have been worked out, and the growing pains are finished.  We're on the 7th generation of the product with stations big and small using it globally.  With fast customer service in a small company, complaints and problems are taken seriously and quickly.  

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Lets Get Some Details

Music 1 is feature packed and ready to smoothly run all of the needs of the professional broadcasters, digital and internet radio. It delivers system-specific playlist files for all of radio's automation/playout systems for smooth interface. 

Music 1 is a subscription-licensed software. Monthly fee includes superior personal support, upgrades as they are released and related services.

License rates for the most advanced edition are competitive and scaled to market and usage. Discounts are available for multiple licenses within a single company.


As an ADDED bonus, if you refer someone to Music 1 Pro and they sign on, you get THREE months FREE!


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Music 1 Pro Vs Music 1 SE

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